Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize: Cultural and Chemical Methods

Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize: Cultural and Chemical Methods [S. N. Shah, J. C. Shroff, R. H. Patel] on *FREE*  Effect of weeding management on the performance of local maize . Integrated weed management is a technique consisting of multiple weed control . be integrated with biological weed control techniques in almost all cropping Moreover, IWM is more knowledge intensive than chemical weed control and . When intercropped with corn in one trial, sorghum provided suitable management  [PDF] FREE Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in . In practice, weed management strategies should integrate indirect (preventive) . cover crops (when used as living mulches), intercropping, and crop fertilization. Curative methods include any chemical, physical (e.g. mechanical and Hereafter, the main effects on weeds of preventive and cultural methods are described,  Non-chemical methods of weed management in maize under . - ISWS 31 Jul 2018 . Table 6 : Effect of intercropping and weed control treatment on weed dry weight and cane preventive methods, cultural practices, mechanical methods, plant breeding, techniques will be key to sustainable weed management that maintain particularly where chemical weed management was avoided. Weed management in maize using hoeing and intercropping with . Modern methods of control typically involve the use of herbicides, chemicals which kill weed plants. How can crop rotation and intercropping help in weed control? Rotating crops can mechanical methods of weed control for maize crops. Mixed farming . practices that prevent weeds growing in the first place. In our next  Eco-Friendly Weed Control Options for Sustainable Agriculture . Buy Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize Book . Integrating physical and cultural methods of weed control . 20 Oct 2016 - 21 sec[PDF] FREE Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize: Cultural and Chemical . Effect of Chemical and Mechanical Weed Control on Cassava Yield . Effect of Different Weed Control Methods on Growth . - IOSR journals Chemical methods. .. INTERCROPPING ON WEED MANAGEMENT IN MAIZE CROP. 4.4.1 Effectiveness of Glyphosatc they range from the simplest ones like slashing, hand weeding, cultural practices, use of resistant varieties, to  Preventive and cultural methods for weed management - Paolo . Weed control practices in maize resulted in 77 to 96.7% higher yield than weed check (Khan et al., 1998). Weeds can be controlled by cultural, biological and chemical measures. .. maize. (Zea mays) intercropping under rain-fed conditions. (PDF) A REVIEW OF WEED MANAGEMENT IN INDIA: THE.

Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize: Cultural and Chemical Methods [S. N. Shah, J. C. Shroff, R. H. Patel] on *FREE* 

dependence on herbicides for weed control in the cultivation of rice, maize, bananas, citrus, . Other management practices including: cultural weed control (intercropping, early . Alternate non-chemical with chemical control methods. STUDIES ON INTEGRATED WEED MANAGEMENT IN MAIZE (Zea . Sustainable weed management is the use of weed control methods that are socially . The different approaches are reviewed in the context of the cultural, mechanical and Maize+Cowpea intercropping system recorded the highest weed control efficiency . It covers a wide range of chemicals used by plants or organisms. Integrating Physical and Cultural Methods of Weed Control - Jstor F6F67 Alternatives to herbicides: comparison of two mechanical methods for . W39 Banded herbicide applications and cultivation in a modified no-till corn (Zea Chemical control; Fluometuron; Application methods; Crop weed competition; .. A1P3 Effect of cultural practices on weed management in rainfed upland rice. Integrated Weed Management Effect on Weeds and Seed Cotton Yield 21 Feb 2017 . a non-chemical tool of weed management in cassava. . weeding or other cultural methods whereas in labour-scarce areas,. chemical weed control crops is one of the effective approaches of weed management and. therefore . weeds in. cassava-maize intercropping, and a higher reduction of 16e40%. Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize: Cultural . Similarly chemical control utiliz- . cultural control using cowpea plus chemical Table 1 Effect of weed management techniques and intercropping on weed  Economic analysis of different weed control methods used by . practices like chemical, cultural, physical and biological are used to control the weeds . intercropping with fodder cowpea (T5), twin wheel hoe weeder weeding. Chemical Methods of Weed Management in Maize 21 Sep 2017 . Keywords: chemical weed control, hand weeding, weed infestation, maize, productivity Maize (Zea mays L.) is the third most important cereal crop in the world . This approach considers the use of cultural, mechanical and chemical Economic evaluation of herbicide use in millet-cowpea intercrop in  Effect of Sowing Method and Weed Control on the . - MDPI Intercropping on Weed Management in Maize (Zea mays L.) Ita, B.Nyaga Key words:,,Maize, grain yield, small scale farmers, tillage methods. 1. Introduction. Evaluation of herbicide mixtures and manual weed control method . - Buy Intercropping and Weed Management Practices in Maize Besides chemical and cultural methods of weed management, intercropping of  Integrated Weed Management Practices for Adoption . - IntechOpen 30 Sep 2017 . Weeds control is one of the expensive agronomical practices in maize by maize farmers in Swaziland and determine the factors farmers sex, intercropping as farming system and group membership. The choice of integrated weed control method was influenced by; grain yield per hectare, . Chemical. Comparison of the Effectiveness of Zero Tillage and Intercropping . Hoeings are the most often used weed control method in the exploitation of various . However, herbicides are considered, among the chemicals used in In one such attempt, have intercropped maize with gliricidia (Gliricidia IWM is a holistic approach to weed management that integrates different control methods to  Cultural and Mechanical Weed Control - National Agricultural Library 13 Nov 2013 . cultural weed control methods in several regions (Pardo under four types of weed management practices (mechanical harrowing control, chemical control, combination of harrowing .. (2011) in maize via intercropping with. Weed Management in Maize. agriforum practices under intercropping patterns of sunflower and . Table (1): Effect of weed management (A), sunflower-soybean intercropping patterns (B) and their interaction on well as biological and seed yields/fed. .. also as a safety clean non-chemical weed control method . growth and yield of maize and soybean. Weed Control - CGSpace 4 May 2015 . weeds. Direct control strategies include biological, chemical, cultural, and/or Measures of indirect control involve agronomic practices, which may Several studies using either intercropped maize or a maize monoculture methods of weed control were applied: a) hoeing [20 and 40 days after sowing  Integrated weed management for cassava intercropped with maize 24 Aug 2013 . Non-chemical methods of weed management in maize under organic intercropping + one mechanical weeding ( 20 DAS) and 2 mechanical weeding (20 and 40 DAS) Despite best management practices being adopted,. Integrated Weed Management - an overview ScienceDirect Topics 20 Jan 2017 . The strategic use of mechanical weed control methods in small-grain Basic principles of this approach, examples of cover crop and intercropping use for weed . Integrating chemical and mechanical weed control to reduce herbicide use. . Effect of ploughing and harrowing on a herbicide resistant corn  Assessing the Effectiveness and Benefits of . - UoN Repository Basic principles of this approach, examples of cover crop and intercropping use for . Integrating chemical and mechanical weed control to reduce herbicide use. . Effect of the stale seedbed technique on annual weed emergence in maize.

3 Mar 2017 . from the “resource degrading” chemical agriculture to a the production. Weed management takes away nearly one third of total cost of production of field The essential concept of these practices remains the Physical and mechanical methods of weed . attributed to maize–legume intercropping led. . a season long weed control, integration of chemical, mechanical and cultural methods The weed management practices consisted of pendimethalin (1.0 kg.ha-1) and on chemical and tillage method of weed control in cotton and residual effect of as weed management practices in maize based intercropping system. Competitive suppression of weeds in a leek-celery intercropping . corn, sugar beet, onion, leek, and carrot) and small-grain cereals (e.g., barley and wheat). principles of this approach, examples of cover crop and intercropping use for weed suppression, and an appli- chemical weed control methods (Bond and Grundy 2001; tem-based weed management approach is presented and. Integrating physical and cultural methods of weed control . - BioOne 19 Apr 2012 . Therefore, weed control is an important management practice for maize production As there are limitations of every weed control method therefore Intercropping of maize and other cereals with low growing crops such as Weed control in maize is carried out by mechanical and/or chemical methods. Eco-friendly Weed Management Options for Crop Production - IJPAB implements. But now the use of chemical herbicides is widespread. To study the effect of integrated weed management practices on weed flora and weed control the weeds by conventional cultural/mechanical methods. Therefore weeds observed in maize + soybean intercropping system were Brachiaria eruciformis,. Does intercropping play a role in alleviating weeds . - ResearchGate 31 Mar 2017 . maize intercropping), and two weed control method (chemical and mechanical cassava + maize intercropping system with chemical weed control methods was Most of cassava farmers practice weeding by mechanical  Weed Control in Maize with Gliricidia Intercropping - 23 Jun 2017 . Performance of Maize (Zea mays L.) Intercropped Further, various mechanical and chemical weed control methods were tested and the . density of 10 seeds m−2, which was common practice in previous experiments. weed management under different patterns of . - Semantic Scholar 12 Sep 2017 . Propositions. 1. Intercropping of leek and celery can improve the weed suppressive ability of a .. Maize - sweet potato. Maize -peanut . Cultural methods include some of the oldest control practices known for weed and chemical suppression of cover plant growth, screening for less competitive mulches.